Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mango Lassi, Sunshine in a Glass

Did you know you can eat the skin of a mango?  You can! I happen to like the taste, quite a bit actually. I found out that the skin was edible in high school when my friend who spends her summers in India told me you could. I was cutting one up as a snack to have with tea, a favorite pass time after school (weren't we classy!?), when I served her just the sweet orange inside, and she gave me a funny look. She then told me how in India people will eat mangoes like apples, skin and all. Of course I immediately had to try it and was soon gnawing on the tough, bright green, red, and freckled-yellow peel. I am so glad that she informed me of this, I always felt bad throwing away so much of the mango because a good portion of it is the outer skin. And now it makes cutting them up SO much easier, no need to take the time to peel them beforehand.

For this recipe however, there are no mango skins involved, so you can munch on those while you blend up this refreshing cool drink!

I'm already a fan of smoothies, but a lassi is special. It is so rich, smooth and creamy, sweet and tangy. I have seen Aarti make them on her cooking show, Aarti's party on the Food Network, and am always charmed by the sparkling golden beverage. I quick blended one up, using ingredients I had on hand, and used spices I read were traditionally used in lassies and I knew I would like.

When I tasted it I couldn't help but smile, it was so good! The color is gorgeous and reminiscent of the sunshine. This slightly sweet smelling, cool drink is absolutely a keeper recipe, and I look forward to making it again soon!

Mango Lassi

Serves: 2, or 1 if you are like me:)

1 cup non-fat Greek yogurt (plain/vanilla/honey will all taste good)
1 mango, frozen if possible
1/4th teaspoon ground cardamom
Handful of ice cubes
Splash of milk, until desired consistency
More cardamom for garnish

Blend all ingredients in a blender and garnish with sprinkling of spice.


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